Behind The Wheel

Driving a car is a huge responsibility and many people don’t seem to realise just what it is they are doing or what they are risking by irresponsible behaviour behind the wheel of a car. There are all sorts of offenses that can be committed when driving and these laws are there to keep the driver, passengers and other commuter’s safe while out and about. It might seem like a hassle to be pulled over and breathalysed or drug tested, to be stopped because you are speeding or have gone through a red light but it is better to be stopped by the police than it is to be stopped by the sudden halt of hitting another car, tree or going off of a bridge where the outcome is less likely to be positive.

Once you are in trouble for some type of traffic offense you then have to face a court date and appear before a judge and depending on the severity of the traffic offense, you either take the fine and loss of points or hire traffic lawyers in Adelaide to oversee the case for you. If it is just a speeding fine, drink driving offense or drug driving, then you are likely to face court by yourself and cope the judgement on the chin and get through your disqualification and pay the fine. If however you were in a crash that resulted in other parties being injured or a death then you are going to need a lawyer to oversee the case, they will go over the details of the incident, read the police report and get your account of what happened and decide how best to defend you on the day and you can pray that you don’t end up in jail at the end of it all.This is what most drivers seem to forget, that if they are involved in an accident where it is pretty clear they were the ones at fault, not only do they have to live with the guilt of being responsible for the injuries or death of another person but that they could be spending a decent part of their life behind bars.

Amongst murders, rapists, drug dealers and all sorts of other deviants and that their life will never be the same again, all because they thought they were fine to drive after having seven beers in two hours, or shooting up a wack of heroin before driving. Even taking that all important phone call can be the cause of a horrific accident. These rules are not all that hard to understand and abide by, don’t drink drive, don’t drug drive and always keep your attention on the road and be aware of drivers and what they are doing around you. Leave answering the phone until you can safely pull over or wait until you get to your criminal law firms in Adelaide. Better to heed these rules than to end up in a body bag.