Steps To Organize An International Conference

A conference is a great way for people to get together and share their knowledge and experiences with peers in the industry. It is all roses for you if you simply are a participant, however of you the organizer, you will have so much on your plate. Everything needs to be perfect since the delegates will all be international diplomats and business people who have no time and energy to waste. So here are some steps to follow to get everything done.

  1. Initial planning

Decide your audience so that you have a clear idea on who you want to attend the conference. You need to consider the age, income level, location, management etc. before you set the theme and topic. Next you need to plan the format and how you will conduct the conference. Will it be one keynote speaker, a panel or an open discussion session? Think about the audience dynamics since if the crowd is very large; having an open discussion will not be practical. Decide on the number of speakers and the duration for each of them. Arrange for Chinese or Arabic translator Sydney if the speaker does not speak English. Your theme shouldn’t be too broad as to bore the audience nor too narrow as people apart from that specific subject will not understand anything. Set an appropriate budget and assign a project team to get things done.

  1. Prepare for the event

Each of your team members should be responsible for a specific activity so hold meetings and evaluate their progress throughout the preparation process. Prepare a conference agenda including all activities and adequate time for each. Having an agenda will keep the participants on track as they will know what will be spoken about when. Contact sponsors who will be able to either assist financially or provide goods, so that your expenses will be reduced. Find your speakers and contact them well in advance so that they can keep their dates free. Have a few more speakers ready for an emergency, if someone cannot make it. Ask the speakers if they will be providing any brochures or handouts to the audience. You might have to use document translation Sydney if they are not in English. Advertise on various media to spread the word out if you are opening the conference to the general public. If not, you can invite specific persons.

  1. Running the event

Confirm team members’ responsibilities so that they know exactly what to do at the event. Set up the room and seating, check the sound systems and projectors, take care of the food and beverage and arrange for security.