Why You Should Choose Us

Migration is not a cup of tea of a one person who wants to shift from one place to another. Migration requires so much of time and the processes it needs are impossible to be done by anyone except the migration agents and lawyers. When we shift, it gives us so many responsibilities, shifting to a new city or state is a difficult thing to do in today’s world, new rules, and new people are hard to understand which takes time. Some people migrate with their families and some of them just migrate alone doing their jobs in the new place. Migrating with your family takes so many responsibilities, to carry yourself with your family to a complete new place is really difficult. Every government sets many policies regarding migration because if they don’t do so, everyone will be migrating here and there and the population control will decrease to zero. That’s why migration is a process that is done with an agent; application forms and visa are requested so that the people with proper identification and good background migrate to another city or state. Interior migration is not so difficult, it doesn’t require any sort of visa, migration from one state or country is a difficult thing to do.

Erskine Rodan & Associates help the people who want to migrate with our expert advices and we deal with all the relevant government affairs. We provide lawyers and agents so that your migration becomes easier. Laws are often changing and once can never keep track of every law that’s changing. Our lawyers keep studying the new laws and create their legal solutions to the people who want to migrate. There is a difference between immigration agent Melbourne and migration agents, Erskine Rodan & Associates has also registered with migration lawyers as well as migration agents, and migration lawyers are more practiced and well trained when compared to migration agents. Moreover, migration agents are less qualified than the migration lawyers to give a legal advice. Migration lawyers are more preferable for the legal advices and for government issues than migration agents. Migration agents are supervised by Office of the Migration Agent Registration Authority and migration lawyers are not only supervised by Office of the Migration Agent Registration Authority but they are also supervised by supreme court which makes them better than the migration agents, this is the reason why are they less qualified than migration lawyers. We also have refugee immigration lawyers which helps with the cases of refugees and advices them with the relevant legal solutions. Moreover, we have visa appeal lawyer to deal with your visa problems.

Erskine Rodan & Associates is a channel for you to select a lawyer for you for your migration, our professional expert lawyers give the best advices and strategies to make your migration successful and easy. The conversation between Erskine Rodan & Associates will remain confidential where you can talk to us without any risk of getting your information exposed.